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    Greetings, I recently created a video file from a project I saved in Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 11. When I opened it in Windows Media Player it started Flickering while playing....Now I have saved other projects and made video files before using the same program and never had an issue til now....I NEVER adjusted any of the settings, everything is the way it was when I first installed it....Does any one have an idea on what could be causing this?

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    What did you do to the video during editing ? Did you add any effects, colour correction etc. ? What format was the original footage what did you render it to. ?

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    Windows Movie Player seems to have access to only a very limited codec set....does not like anything over 25fps/30fps...or with a high bit rate. It likes .wmv formats!! I suggest you use a better media player like VLC or Media Player Classic. I don't bother with any of the windows programs for video, they are all too basic and limited in ability when it comes to modern video formats.

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