I was looking for an alternative to Camtasia Studio 8 when realising some xvid .avi files were problematic with audio and video out of sync. Decided to try Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium after reading they handles xvid pretty good. And I can confirm it does. I was very happy with the program until I made some comparison with .mp4 videos between camtasia 8 and magix movie edit. I'm encoding with the same codecs (as far as I can tell) and with the same bit rate (5000kb) and have also tried to tweak the magix settings as much as I can to improve quality. However, the image quality is clearly worse for the videos encoded in magix movie edit pro. This really annoys me as I really like using this program, and for files that are bugging or not even working in camtasia or other programs, magix becomes really useful. I've tried to google for suggestions about settings for magix but I don't get many hits and the ones I've come across are only selecting a preset basically, which is just useless.

I usually make videos out of dvd's (4:3 ratio), and I like pushing up the resolution to 720p but to keep aspect ratio, which means most normally 960x720. And .mp4 is my favorite format which is working extremely well in camtasia. If anyone have any recommendation of other format and exact settings (like .avi) for magix move edit pro then I guess I'm welcoming that, but what I do wonder is why I'm getting that much worse image quality in magix compared to camtasia, when I'm encoding with basically the same settings and are getting the same file sizes. Can I tweak the settings to gain equal quality or does it just differ much between different editing softwares? I'll show the settings being used for one of my videos down below.



The last screenshot was to point out GPU acceleration is probably in use for camtasia encoding, but I don't think that matters so much, and I've tried enabling this for Magix encoding too without improvement.

You don't get any video to see the result no, but I'll just say it's a big difference, and I do wonder why. I've obviously tried plenty of small changes in passing, rate control mode etc. you name it.