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Thread: Vegas Pro 12 - Upgraded my PC, getting slower render speeds.

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    Default Vegas Pro 12 - Upgraded my PC, getting slower render speeds.

    So I recently upgraded the following hardware components in my PC:

    HD 5850 -> HD 7950

    4gb -> 16gb

    Hard Drive
    750gb magnetic drive -> SSD

    Before i upgraded, when i'd render a video it would take ~18 minutes to render a 23 minute video.

    Currently it takes about 40 minutes to render the same video. The source footage is on the 750gb magnetic drive, and I've tried rendering to both the SSD and the old drive and the render times are identical. The speeds i'm getting are very similar to the speeds I was getting when rendering with my processor only (amd 965 black ed). I've triple checked that i'm using openCL to render. The OS is on the SSD, as is the program, and it's the 64 bit edition.

    The footage is all footage captured as MP4 from OBS and processed with handbrake to set it at a constant frame rate (29.97fps @720p). Output is the same format.

    Any advice? Is my videocard just not supported even though vegas says openCL isn't available? Should I have my source footage on the SSD and try rendering to the magnetic drive?
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    What are the readings in the task manager for the CPU and the memory usage ? I'm rendering something now and I'm getting around 90% CPU and only around 4Gb memory. On the video tab of the preferences do you have the GPU acceleration selected ?

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