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Thread: Best Lapel mic for outdoor use ?

  1. Default Best Lapel mic for outdoor use ?

    We do a lot of shooting outdoors, and currently use hand held mics, Sennheiser MD46 with the SKP 100 G3 wireless system, but i wanted to try and do some of the pieces to camera without the hand held microphone, and just a lapel one

    The G3 kit came with one, but it doesn't seem to be great, is there anything anyone else uses and recomends ? obviously will be used with the EW100 G3 transmitter pack


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    I've recently bought the G3 system which came with a ME 2 lav mic. If you have the same, I don't know what your issue is but mine sounds ok to me. Of course you could have more exacting standards than me, which is fine BUT just for doing a reporter like piece to camera I would have thought the ME 2 would be good enough. Could the settings or placement be an issue here ?

    I'm certanly not a sound expert but it's just a thought and trying to save you spending 500 to get a better sounding mic than the ME 2.

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    If it doesn't sound great then it could be a positioning issue. The ideal placement is on a line across the middle of the chest. Higher and you risk going "off mic" lower and you get too much of the surrounding sounds. But, if you're out in the open, wind is the biggest problem, especially if you don't want to put a furry windshield on the mic.
    If visibility is not a problem, Rycote or both do little furries which cut out a lot of wind noise.

    For mics which need to be hidden under clothing, the Tram TR50 is probably the best as it's designed to be concealed in clothing.

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    Sorry, for some reason no notifications came through, so I didn't see these replies. I do have the mic that came with the G3 system, but it was indeed the Wind noise that was the issue, using an MD46 hand held mic of course is great for not hearing anything but the voice, and I know the lapel mic wouldn't get the same, but it is unusable really when its outdoors. Would the TR50 be a better option that a wind shield for the Sennheiser one do you think ?

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    The TR50 is a lovely microphone (I've got three and absolutely love them) but it's not the microphone which is the problem, it's the wind moving across the mic which causes the most noise. So a Rycote or Reinhardt furry will do more good (and be a lot cheaper) than buying a more expensive mic. If you want to improve quality and have the money, for slightly less than a TR50, you can get a COS11, which is a little more robust than the tram and geared more towards presenters. The TR50 is mainly used in dramas and suchlike.

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    Keep out of the wind, is a cheap solution,
    - or you can use an umbrella (out of sight) - as this will help slow-down the velocity around the mic. If you have a selection of umbrellas, they can be useful in improving the lighting, too.

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    I wish we could stay out of the wind! but sadly on site at a motorsport event or the likes, its never that easy in the UK

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