Background: Many moons ago, there used to be a magazine in the UK called Digital Video Techniques. Long since defunct, it used to have a cover disk each month which contained an assortment of trial programs and royalty-free material. One month, they had a bunch of old World War 2 clips on it. The editors challenged the readers (both of us ) to make something out of the clips. At the time, for some reason I can't remember, I was making a compilation about buildings which wouldn't fall down. The two things somehow came together in a slightly odd way, with the help of some assorted stuff downloaded off t'internet.

As Tim S pointed out at the time, this is probably capable of offending just about everyone - the Irish, the Germans, Dana, Terry Wogan, men with erectile dysfunction, etc, etc.

I showed this once at an amateur video club. I think only one person clapped at the end. The others sat there in silence. Then one asked: "Did you shoot all the footage yourself?"

Anyway, have a look, see what you think.