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Thread: Film festivals,anybody entered one? what should I expect.

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    Default Film festivals,anybody entered one? what should I expect.

    Hi guys, just entered a local film festival but not sure what to expect.

    It was only 10 to enter so its not a big cost but dont really know what to expect.

    ANybody been to any in the past?

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    Not sure of your location so this information may be irrelevant.

    In Canada, film festivals are very political and the outcome has nothing to do with the quality of your work and everything to do with whether you are in the right clique or not. You need to be a "favorite" of the cadre that runs the festival. In fact, if you are a student or graduate of the film school that happens to be "affiliated" with the festival, then you will need a pickup truck to bring home all your trophies and awards.

    I guess you can probably tell that my movie didn't win (four years in a row). In fact, you can watch one of my past losing entries here and see for yourself how unfair the system is:

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