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Thread: How to Purchase Digital Camera at Affordable Price?

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    Default How to Purchase Digital Camera at Affordable Price?

    I am john peter i need suggestion from my expert senior members please give me advice which digital camera best in daily life routine? I am searching on google they gave me alot of ideas and then i am confuse in choosing.I want your expert opinion.

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    If it's a camera for general filming of family events, holidays etc., then so long as you stay with the well known brands like Sony, Panasonic & Canon. I'm sure looking at the cameras in your price range will deliver an acceptable camera for you.

    Without further information on it's use and budget what else can we say. There isn't one "do it all camera" around that is the must have camera and a lot will depend on how much you can pay and what you want to do with it specifically.

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    Hi thanks for sugesstion. My budget under 200$ how can i buy from pakistan online?

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