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Thread: Focus issues: Panasonic ag AC 160

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    Default Focus issues: Panasonic ag AC 160

    I seem to have a guys issue with my panasonic agac160 camcorder. I always focus scrupulously and carefully on a subject but the camera is always focusing as well on objects in the background. If say, I am filming a face, i will focus carefully on the face, and the camera stays in sharp focus, but the shot is also focused on objects some 50 yards behind.
    All automatic settings are off. What am I doing wrong? Is there an infinity setting I don't know about?

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    The focus switch has three positions on your camera. Auto, Manual & Infinity. If you flick it on to infinity it will focus once but the switch won't stay there it will automatically flick back to manual focus mode. So unless there is a fault on your camera it won't keep focusing on different things, if it's in manual mode. When you focus manually do you zoom in and use the focus assist to get focus on the subject ? This is the best way to do it.

    If you are saying it's a very deep depth of field, that's a different issue.

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