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Thread: Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus stops during compiling

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus stops during compiling

    I am a newcomer to video editing. I recently used my new Sony DV DCR-HC40 for the first time, bought and installed Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus together with the downloaded updates from the Pinnacle website for v9.4.3. I captured the footage in full DV quality into the PC, edited it all to 55 minutes long and then clicked on Make Movie to burn it to a DVD. The rendering took about 2.5 hours without problems and it next went back to the beginning to carry out what I believe is the compiling phase. It trundled along quite happily until about half way and then just stopped. The HDD light continued to flash for a few minutes and megabytes continued to be added to the clock, but very slowly, 1MB at a time and then stopped activity completely. I left it for a while but couldn't do anything with it other than eventually hit the Cancel button to regain control so as to close the program.

    I repeated the whole process after reading the book and defragging and stopping the screensaver and virus and anti-spyware checkers. It did exactly the same and stopped in the same scene area. I then tried once more, this time after deleting the scene and re-inserting from the original. It stopped at the same point yet again. When playing this scene separately there is no evidence of 'blockiness' or anything else wrong.

    Other than trying to create an image instead next time to burn to DVD with Nero, has anyone got any idea why this is happening or what's going on?

    PC spec - Athlon XP200, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD (150GB free), nVidia Ti4200 128MB, Sony DVD RW DRU-510A, Firewire card, Windows XP Pro.

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    This can happen when there has been frames dropped in that area when the footage was captured. Can't remember how you can check, as its so long since I used Studio.

    Looks like yet another Pinnacle studio lockup conundrum!!

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    I started again by downloading from the camera afresh and it all went OK this time. Just one little snag though. After creating a menu and setting chapters manually, as the DVD comes to the end of a chapter, it plays a split second of the next chapter before shooting back to the menu. Try as I may, I can't cure this.

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    Studio 9, even in its latest patch, is incredibly temperamental. Take a look at the Pinnacle user forums and you will find an absolute deluge of complaints about this hung rendering problem. So far Pinnacle has offered little by way of response. I've stayed with Studio through several versions, but this latest problem does make me want to jump ship to something more reliable.

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    I had the same problem, and still do at times, but have fix it to an acceptable standar. follow these steps if you cant render or create a disc.

    1. Once you finish editing, save the project.
    2. Delete Auxillary files
    3. Restart computer
    4. Remove any unneccessry program from memory, virus programs, video programs, photo, printing, scanning, anything you dont need.
    5. Turn off auto updater on win xp, and windows xp updates, and any other autoupdate you have on your system.
    6. start pinnacle
    7. Open your project and wait a few seconds for it to laod everything in the project.
    8. Render

    should be successful more times than not.

    If the above doesnt work for you, then I wouldnt waste too much more time on it.

    BTW this works best on version 9.3, the latest version has major problems and it's less successful.

    Hope it helps you guys out there.

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