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Thread: Music Video Young Blood - The Naked and Famous

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    Default Music Video Young Blood - The Naked and Famous

    Hi My Name is Matt and this is an amateur music video that i and a few friends created for our A level media coursework. This is our final cut so please leave some feedback that we can include in our coursework. PLEASE KEEP IT AS POSITIVE AND POLITE AS POSSIBLE AS THE FEEDBACK IS BEING INCLUDED IN OUR GRADES - NO SWEARING OR CURSING THANKS!

    Please watch and rate in highest quality - 1080p


    The name of the song is "Young Blood" so through this our video is connoting youth and young life. This is reason for the all the random scenes of teenagers enjoying life with friends and appearing to have a good time.


    We own no rights to the music
    We own no rights to the MTV logo
    We are not claiming any finical benefits from this song
    ALL the footage and post production is our own


    The Naked and Famous Young Blood FINAL CUT - YouTube
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    I think you guys made a good solid music video. Some nice touches like going through the car window, even a nice focus pull on the local flora, most of the shots nicely framed etc. I think you missed a trick with the guy swinging the sparks. I think that would have looked good in slow mo and it would have been nice to get a close up of it. One trick with a music video is to always go for a few different angles and focal lengths (zoom/wide/mid shot) of the same thing. Then when editing you have more options to go with. I liked the heavy back lighting of the band. I assume lights were limited and I think you made a good choice with what you had.

    Was the transition cut at 2:45 intentional or luck. The guy looking down and then cut to a shoe on a combo. Then another good one at around 3:34, singer with back light cut to girl in the wood with the low sun into the lens.

    On the down side, the MTV logo. It adds nothing to the video and should be taken out.

    The main question this video left with me is, why was there only one person smiling in this video, are the young blood so miserable these days ?

    My conclusion is you guys have made a cracking music video which should score well in your course work but does it communicate the message of the song.

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    Haha thanks very much for the feedback. Points noticed and will take them into account in the future

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