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Thread: "Save Trees" video contest

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    Default "Save Trees" video contest

    Hey guys,

    I and my team are participating in a "Little Green film" video competition. We made a short video for saving trees.

    Show your support by liking our video, THANKS! : Little Green Film - Save Trees - YouTube

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    The idea was ok but I didn't like the grading it really put me off. There seems to be a growing trend with this sort of grading, it makes the blacks look blue and looses detail in the shadows and lacking contrast in my view makes the image look very flat and milky.

    Is it some sort of magic bullet pre-set ?

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    Have to agree with MB about the grading. The guy in the blue jacket looked like he'd never fired a bow in his life. I doubt with that stance whether he could hit an elephant at 10 paces! (I know nothing about archery, but being lousey at holding a camera steady I can recognise an unsable stance when I see one).
    Nice idea though. Spoilt by the bad edit of the girl as she appears from behind the tree.

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    Default "Save Trees" video contest

    As you entered a competition and asked us to vote, I will assume a level of competency and skill.

    The framing was odd. For example the shot of the boy drawing the arrow back cut off the arrow. There wasn't one shot that looked like you'd attempted to compose the frame. Every frame counts on something so short.

    The music didn't come to a climax. It stayed the same regardless of the action so did nothing to add to the visual. The sound of the arrow firing was odd because it was the only sound.

    The message didn't relate to the action. If you are killing yourself, surely the boys should have been hurt? Perhaps the camera should have panned to reveal arrows in their backs (if you really wanted to work with that story)

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