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    Hi guys, wondering if some of the pros could give me some advice.

    I have been playing around with videography since I was a kid (15 years ago) but just for fun. Last year i begrudging agreed to film my friends wedding with his decent hd cam. I wasn't overly happy with the job I did, poor sound etc but his brother seen it and asked me to do his, again I wasn't impressed but both couples have been. I really enjoyed the day and the editing and thought I would love to be able to do wedding vids professionally, just part time beside my dull day job. I now have the chance to do a couple more favour weddings as the couples don't want to pay for a pro. My question is do you think it is possible to become a pro without formal training. Could I do another few (until i was happy with my work) freebies, upgrade kit and do plenty of reading or is it a pipe dream?

    I work at a reasonably senior level in IT so decent business and customer experience. The technical side of cameras and editing is fine. I just lack knowledge of the actual filming ie framing etc at the min i have the cam on auto most of the time! Sorry this is a bit long, any advice would be great!

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    How to Shoot a Wedding Video on Vimeo Video School on Vimeo

    Nothing technical in here really, but may be of help.

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    Hi Andy and welcome to the forum. Well done on getting the bug.
    I find weddings the most exhilirating of all the coverage we do. Nothing beats thinking on your feet and the increased sense of anticipation it learns you is amazing.
    You will, if you really care about creating something extra special, force yourself to understand your camera.
    They're good on auto, but once you're in total control of all the critical controls - white balance/focus/iris settings and sound input, they're awesome.

    If you find yourself creating perfect compositions and grabbing those perfectly timed shots, you're halfway there.
    You obviously need a few weddings under your belt before you charge good money, but once you establish a reputation and a unique style, people will pay for the top rate for the quality you produce.
    Training? I've been on many training courses and some were . . .ok ...ish, others were just plain terrible. You know the old adage about "those who can, do; and those who can't; teach?'" it's mainly true. Though in my particular case, I offer training based on real world experience of over 400 weddings.
    If you're UK based please get in touch, though I'm not overly bothered if anyone books a course with us, cause I'm always happy to give free advice on email or phone too. The courses and advice can save many, many hours of heartache and head scratching.
    I've got the bug and the passion to go with it lol. Good Luck!
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    I understand it's a competitive business and yr only as good as yr reputation . . . try going to wedding fairs locally and sniff out the competition, prices, and look at their showreels . . . if yr that good then it's up to you to find the business.

    However, it's likely to far easier to act as "second camera" with an established outfit - esp if the owner is nearing retirement and will wwelcome someone who can rush about, leaving them with the "easier" bits . . . you'll learn a lot and also how to talk to the potential customers....treat them with respect and learn the Trade . . . it will stand you in good stead for years to come.

    You migt need to buy yr own HD camcorder, but maye borrow yr Brother's at first since you have some experience with it.

    Good luck
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