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    Hello community
    I want to show you here my newest video what I filmed with my 550d and edited for a small video contest ... Theme of the video contest is "power, powerlessness" ... I want to show with the film the the powerlessness of people against nature, but unfortunately that (seen by me) have not succeeded very well, actually i expected a different result ...

    So i want to ask how you can best convey more emotion to the viewer... Would there have suggestions on the example of this film..?

    Info about origin:
    Camera: Canon eos 550d
    Other Equipment: Steadicam, Tripod

    Hope you like the Video...

    Greetings Fabian

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    When you say you have not succeeded, do you mean you didn't do well in the competition or you don't feel you got your message across?

    From my point of view, it didn't really show the power of nature it definietly didn't show our powerlessness against it. At best you tried to "tell" us about it rather than show.

    I appreciate something may be lost in translation, but "snow will always melt" and "fire will always burn" are simply not true.

    To show the power of nature, you should really be showing not just waterfalls and windmills, but the erosion caused by waterfalls/glaciers/wind and by other natural disasters - earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods. Then show our powerlessness by showing cars, houses, cities destroyed by those forces.

    I appreciate this is probably well beyonf your means with a budget of 0 and a 550D, but I fear you set yourself a theme (man vs nature) which was just too ambitious.

    An alternative take might be to do this on a more micros scale. Show how no matter how much we try to clear outr paths, weeds will stil find a way through, no matter how well we try to maintain a roof water will find a way in eventually ... that sort of thing.

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