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Thread: Asperger Syndrome Living with ASD, a 2 Part Diary!

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    Default Asperger Syndrome Living with ASD, a 2 Part Diary!

    Video Deleted!
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    I didn't watch both videos I think I got the gist of things from the first one. What is the purpose of the video. If it's just to get things out there in the world then it achieves that well. If it's to share experiences with others who have Aspies then again it does that well.

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    i appreciated the content

    i think that a few cutaways now and then would be good -- perhaps of Zey since we associate you with him

    i like the subject (in this case yourself) to take up more of the frame, but that's just me

    good job


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    Hi, It's to share experiences, with other aspies/other's and i guess a little awareness, as aspergers, ASD, can effects people in the same and in slightly different way!!
    also, to say that people with difficulties can achieve, too!!

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