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    Hello everyone.
    Sorry for my english, as you see I'm not a native speaker.
    How can I create that effect in SV? Between 0:46-0:48 and again in 1:15-1:16.
    It's brilliant but I completely haven't idea how make something like that. Maybe empty (black) frames + same transition?
    What about audio. I tried with Audio Event FX -> Amplitude modulation ->Sine out of phase but effect was not satisfying.

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    If you have the composite level in the version of Vegas that you have, you can make the image light and dark (flicker). First right click a portion of the track you want the effect on this will bring a blue line make a key frame by clicking on it and lower the line. Lowering the composition level will make the image darker. Now move on a frame and bring it up, move on another frame and take it down, making new key frames at each point. Do this for the required duration. You will have to zoom right into the time line to do this.

    That is just one way to do it.

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    Thank you very much, the effect is amazing

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