We're looking for someone to make a small trailer for a small game we are making.

It's a 60 second video. Needs to be in 720p. The script follows:


The 60 seconds version of one of these songs:

Achieving Gold
JewelBeat - Track Details
Fighting to the Finish
JewelBeat - Track Details
Taking Flight
JewelBeat - Track Details
JewelBeat - Track Details

Day of Reckoning
Super Charged

0:00 - 0:02 Fade in to planet image (do it more quickly depending on selected song)
0:02 - 0:10 Animations of space battle with provided promotional promo art, 3D models, etc. with explosions (and a few small explosions at a distance with sound effects)
0:10 - 0:11 Fade to white after a last explosion
0:11 - 0:54 Switch to game videos on a generic tablet frame (that looks like an iPad) with nice backgrounds, and text lines*
0:54 - 0:59 Long fade to white with explosion.
0:59 - 0:60 Fade from white to promo art “App Store” and “Google Play” logos. Fungameco logo somewhere (smaller, a bit less emphasis)

Text (from 0:11 to 0:54)
“Be a god in command of a Civilization”
“explore the universe”
“conquer planets”
“invent cool stuff, and...”
“blow things up!”
“You might even”
“learn a bit of science and”
“bend the very fabric of”
“space and time!”

Materials We Will Provide
Promo art - high-res psd files
Music file
Sound effects (explosions, laser shots, etc)
3D models (FBX / Max) used in the game (don’t need to be used necessarily)

Ninja Fishing - iPhone Trailer - YouTube
Cosmonauts Trailer - Play for free on iPhone (iOS) and Android - YouTube
Legendary Wars 2.0 Trailer - YouTube
Skull Kick - YouTube
Official Trailer Deep Sea Catch - YouTube


If you're interested please get in touch with jobs@fungameco.com. Thanks.