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    Hello .... please if someone evaluate this video .. I personally like it very much, but the other I have not experienced any reaction .. criticize video please .... thank you
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    or YouTUBE:"with
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    I don't think babies really lend themselves to fast cuts. In the most interesting shots of babies you see them reacting to their environment - you can actually see them process information. You don't get tme to see this with fast cuts.

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    Normally it's hard to critisise a baby video but this time I agree with Tim. I don't think the subject really goes with the one second cuts.

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    It is really a very nice video but i agree with other memebers it is difficult to critisise a baby video. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you .. for your answers and opinions ... I am a beginner in this .. I would like to be learned it ... Thanks


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