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Thread: "Film me penetrate my wife!" Windup, scam or for real??!

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    Default "Film me penetrate my wife!" Windup, scam or for real??!

    I had a very odd call this morning, a very foreign sounding guy asking if I could film his wedding next month. I said I could sort him out a quote, but he kept saying "I pay you big money.." which was a bit weird. Then he said "in my culture we film the honeymoon as well", I didn't really get what he was talking about, i thought he meant the reception, so I asked him what was involved in this. He said "In hotel, I leave bedroom door open, then you film me through door for 15 minutes while I penetrate my wife.." I hung up. Hes kept trying to call me about this but I dont know if this is a scam, a windup or some sort of weird culture thing or just plain perverted. It was interesting anyway! has anyone ever asked you to film ..erm..honeymoon material? And wouldnt that be against the law to do so in a hotel (like, would that be classed as making porn without a license?)

    Never a dull moment !

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    Do you need a licence ?

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    Ahh thank you

    April 1st material for someone I know.

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