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    Hello there you guys!

    Here's our new video, this time a promotional one. Hope you enjoy. Any feedback is welcome!

    Thank you, regards.

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    I'm glad you posted this. The footage is excellent, great shots BUT it goes on too long. You split it up into two halves I would have mixed them up. See too many time laps all together like that is a bit much after a minute of them I get the point that you shoot nice time laps. I'm not saying every shot you have in there doesn't deserve to be in there It must be great to have such a wealth of footage to choose from, it's just the way you put it together made me get bored by the 2 minute mark.

    Another thing is the fade to blacks last too long.

    Finally and this is my biggest grip, having the flashing images under the text is really not good for reading, you take around 45 seconds to show what could be shown in 10 seconds. I would just fade to black and have one screen with the company name and web address.

    Work as good as this deserves to be presented well.

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    I enjoyed this. I agree in general with what Midnights says above. I did find the timelapses all rather samey - all similar exposure, similar colour, shot at the same time of day (they probably weren't any of those, but that's the feeling they left me with). I rather liked the flashing images sequence and whilst it didn't really bother me, what Midnight says about the text over the top is probably right. You want to make this info as easily accessible to your target audience as possible.

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    Great video, I find it amazing. Creating video like this is not boring to see because of the quality of the photo and the transition of the video. Video Production | Green Screen | Live Streaming Studio - Salt Lake City Studio
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