I had a wedding to film yesterday (phoned Monday, booked thursday), but woke to a crippling migraine, which meant I couldn't stand up, let alone travel and film. So my wife rang a guy who had trained with us around 10 years ago. Despite his own plans for the day, he stepped in to travel 60 miles and filmed the wedding as 2nd cam for us.
He's not a member of this forum, but it's worth mentioning that the friends and ideas we share on forums like this, could one day save the day for many others.
Weddings are particularly vulnerable as they can't be re-scheduled, and thankfully in 15 years trading, it's never happened before.
This time it did, and despite knowing dozens of competent cam operators, there was only this one guy who could capture exactly what we needed.
A public Thank you to Phil Burton!
Comradeships are forged on these forums