After my parents aging analog camcorder breaking about 2 years ago, they have now asked me to pick a new HD Camcorder for them. They have set a budget of 250 but doesn't have to be as much as that if it doesn't need to be, they just want a solid HD camera, with a large view area that produces good quality videos in indoor and out door environments, long lasting battery life and is straight forward to use (one button operation) and to be able to watch the videos back on a HD LCD TV or copy to another deivce easily. Having a competant auto mode would be ideal, so nothing too technical as they probably would never use half the functions. Oh and they said it would be nice if it could take good quality still pictures as well for viewing on the large LCD TV but this would just be an added bonus.

Have been looking at the JVC-EZ E205, the YouTube reviews seems to be positive, and it's only 119 in some local stores at the moment!

Any suggestions please?