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Thread: Music video - need some advice to make it better

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    Default Music video - need some advice to make it better

    Hi guys, can anyone who has the time, and would like to, please take a look at my latest muci video work. I can't help but think it can be bettered.

    It is not finished but I just wanted to get opinions on what could be done to improve it. Please let me know what you get from the subtle elemtns of story being revealed

    Please ignore the black screen between 1.01 - 1.05, I am missing a shot that will be included into that part of the video.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful feedback.

    LIFE_video - YouTube

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    Well done so far...
    I think you could include a bit more action like dancing etc...

    Keep going!

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    I don't know where you can take this Mark, I didn't get any kind of message from the video and didn't understand the words of the song of course. I guess the subtle elements as too subtle for me.

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    Thanks to you both for your reply, some of the lyrics represent finding faith in a destitution of it so the "subtle elements" i was refering too was the 2 guys searching the woods, to find a run down church (this represents a presence of disregarded faith) however they come across it and are drawn to it as they are searching to restore their faith, however the lack of entry points and difficulty shown penetrating the church reveals it is not as easy as just regaining it immedietly, when one of the men comes across the female vocalist within the church he realises that they are not alone in their search for denomination.

    I agree is it very subtle but that was the intention.

    On a technical note, what do you think of the editing midnight? I have put this together on a platinun version of vegas 11.

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    Thanks for the explanation. I could not follow the lyrics, which made me feel that I should not be watching it. If I was an intended viewer; then I would appreciate subtitles or a translation.
    I liked many of the scenes. Some of the closeups of faces are very detailed. I particularly liked the fact that the people were treated as being normal! And not like a bunch of dramatic posers with an attitude problem. I liked the slow motion b/w scenes and many of the special FX.
    There are some shots which were, IMHO, sadly unimpressive. (church and graveyard around 0:06); and a small number of shots of the people looked out of focus.
    I thought the lady who gets the solo (starts around 2:40) came across very well. A nice performance.

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    The shot at (0.06) , you didn't like the initial panning shot of the church through the trees? Do you think the shot lasts too long?

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    I think your documentary style suites this music video. Perhaps a few too many effects for my taste but in a music video anything goes. Not sure about the clouds at 2:20 it would have been better if the church was in the shot with these which would have meant masking or keying out the original sky which might have been tricky if there was trees in the shot. The angle and framing of the church shot would have to be right for the bubbling sky over lay. My only real issue with the editing would be to have another think about the end from 3:12 to the end. It seemed you ran out of ideas so just piled on the effects until the music fades. May be just a slow fade of the guy spinning in slow mo would be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markBrown View Post
    The shot at (0.06) , you didn't like the initial panning shot of the church through the trees? Do you think the shot lasts too long?
    I apologise. I meant at 0:23. I think I did not like the changes in hue. Brown church, then green gravestones, then normal coloured whilst folk are sitting. When I saw the people sitting, it was immediately clear that they were near the church and stones.
    Just ignore me if I speak rubbish! I have no idea how to improve it.

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    Thanks Tim, I see your point 100% you're right it stands out, it interupts the flow of the intro and does effect the continuity wth the dramatic change in colour tone, I have matched the hue in the charecter shot with that of the gravestones and used a nice colour balance to ring the church pan to life, it still differs slightly but this is intentional and is looking a lot better and more fluent.

    Thanks for getting back to me midnight , I appreciate your thoughts, yeh I will alter the ending it wasn't actually meant to end that way as it is still a work in progress as such, I took your advice and have keyed a long shot of the church into the frame, it seems to look ok, I'll get a updated upload to youtube so you can take a look and let me know what you think, I have scaled it down so it looks slightly small in comparison to the clouds giving it a surreal look along with the timelapse cloud shot.

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    LIFE._**(unfinished)** - YouTube

    OK check it out, still not finished ut let me know if you think it's improved

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