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Thread: Quicktime Render Templates??

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    Default Quicktime Render Templates??

    Hi, I was reviewing best advice for quality uploads to You Tube and one suggestion involved the use of the AVID DNxHD codec within the Quicktime render options. I have MSv12 but there are no Quicktime render options! Am I missing something? I have Sony AVC/Mainconcept/ Video for windows/Windows Media Video V11/XDCAM/Realmedia...........but no Quicktime. Is this picked up by MS if I install Quicktime Pro or do I need to just get a plug in?

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    you might get some tips here
    Avid DNxHD Template for Vegas Pro

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    thanks...this looks like a similar process to the one I was reading. On the first screenshot it shows Quicktime7 ( .mov) template.............that is what I am missing. I can download the Avid codec no problem but not sure where it will appear in MS. By the way the process I was looking at involved creating an intermediate render using the Avid codec, exporting it to Handbrake which then creates a h264/mp4 file for upload to YoutTube. The Handbrake converter apparently creates all the optimum settings for YT...just want to give it a go really!

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