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Thread: Music Video. Opinions? :D

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    Talking Music Video. Opinions? :D

    Hey everyone,
    Recently I made a music video for a female artist named 'Rebekah Buffong'. I directed, shot and edited this video. I shot on the Canon 550D and used a Flycam Nano DSLR to achieve the smooth shots. The concept of the video was to basically show the artist having fun. If you could please check it out and let me know what you think about it/any improvements you would make then I would seriously appreciate it

    Thank you,
    Chris Brooker
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    I am sure it is all fine, but I wonder how successful it was in making use of the dynamics of the music. To me, I see the artist in different locations (and someone dancing), and then edited to cut between the clips; often in time with the music. There appears little to differentiate the verses from the choruses or to assist the viewer in following the meaning of the lyrics. (I am not complaining, just giving my opinion). I also wonder about the worth of miming, as I thought it looked a bit silly sometimes.
    But, I enjoyed the song; and the images were pretty.

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    Nice video, certainly well shot, for that style of music I would say that you could do a bit more in post edit with it to take it a bit beyond the straight forward "video of the artist" type video. Which incidentally it does very well.
    One simple example would be the use of slow-motion and or freeze frame, specifically with the break dancer. That would give you the option of fitting in with the beat of the music a bit more as per Tim's comment above.
    I'd probably agree with Tim also in that you could make the video fit in more with the song in terms of verse chorus etc.

    But all of that shouldn't take away from the point that I'd say it looked very professional and well done.

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    This is VERY good...

    Good use of Flycam!
    Good use of lighting - Lighting flares etc..
    Very professional!

    Sometimes you cut Rebekah's head out of the clip at the beginnings... This is not at all interfering but could be improved.

    Overall I thing this is great, I'm particularly with the use of your steadicam - this is very professional and gives a real sense of style!

    Well done Chris! Keep up the good work!


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    I liked it - helped by an annoyingly catchy tune and a friendly face. So much more pleasant than being shouted at aggressively by some gangsta rapper.
    I have to say I agree with all the comments above. TimA's right about it not really working "with" the music as much as it might (it doesn't work against it, but it could enhance it more). MTRB comes at the same point from a different angle - post production could add dynamics to the video (and thus enhance the music). And I agree with JMG's comment that there were some head room problems along the way.

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    Nice music vid right there. The overall quality is great. Though honestly, I haven't found something new with this vid. But I think that' the main point. I saw an artist just having fun and it was well-delivered to the audience. Made me want to chill and have some fun too.

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    Awesome music....
    And facial expression are really amazing..
    Everything is quite balanced...

    Great job!!
    Keep it going..

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