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Thread: Making Music Videos - Frame Skipping problem

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    Default Making Music Videos - Frame Skipping problem

    HI all. I'm new to the Video Editing Scene, but have had little experience in using Cyberlink Power Director Pro. Ok, Prior to getting Premiere I had already recorded a video clip from my Camera (it's an old sony cam corder) (Looking to get a much better one soon) to the hard drive in mpeg2 using Power Director. Now I want to edit the Video clip in Premiere...

    The first thing that I realized after importing the clip is that in the Right side of the Monitor View it dosen't play as smoothly as i thought it would. However upon reading in another forum, it was said that I had to Export as a DV AVI format then re-import... (Cause apparently premiere dosen't edit mpeg2 files correctly????? (Please correct me if I'm wrong on this)...

    So upon re-importing the file, It started to play smoothly but then after a few seconds it started skipping again....

    Just to give an idea of what i want to do is that I'm muting the audio from the Video file, and using a 44100 16bit wav file as the audio instead...
    As well as cutting different parts of the Video file to fit(Cause it's a 4Gig video file)

    So any info on what I could do on the Skipping matter would be very very helpful...

    Thanks in advance..

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    Why not try re-importing your video from the camera into Premiere directly? AFAIK, Premiere does have problems with MPEG files, so you should just import it as a DV AVI file to begin with and see if that helps.

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