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Thread: Hi guys I'm a Hobby videomaker!

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    Default Hi guys I'm a Hobby videomaker!

    Hi guys I'ma a Hobby videomaker, i would like to share my "work" and obviusly share opinions about it and your videos too. I think that can be helpful for me! so.. what do you think of it?
    Danger Area - YouTube

    Thanks in advance for your opinion!

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    I kind of liked it but the message was lost to me. I got the loneliness part but not the love is all around. I think you over did it with the film burn and some of the other FX a bit.

    Welcome to the forum, I hope to see more of your work and see your opinions on other peoples work.

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    Thanks for your opinion I really appreciate it!
    The message is "everyone needs someone" like insects or people we can't be alone even if we are: we need to stay in the society" .
    I would like to understand how i over did with the film burn, if you explain it to me it will be really helpful for my future work! I really thank you in advance

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