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    I saw some real estate videos on the web and I thought; damn, I have to do this too! So I made my first video from shooting fathers new house (I couldnt shoot every room because of the mess) and used the HDR technique for making it more awesome. I used Canon 5D mark3, Canon 550D, Sigma 8-16mm lens and Canon 16-135mm too. Oh yea, and glidetrack.

    It would be great to shoot more videos like this for money... (if any luck, maybe I will)

    What you think for first experiance... this was actualy my first shooting real estate. Maybe I should do more details, or perhaps such things are unnecessary?

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    Good stuff!
    I think your on the right track for making money!
    The only thing I could suggest maybe views out of windows and walkthroughs; Like filming going into the house and into different rooms. This allows the viewer to get a feel for the layout of the house.

    The one major downside to doing walkthroughs like I suggested is the steadiness of the camera. There are many ways of getting round this though.

    I like steady movement and pans of the camera, this is very professional and looks interesting.

    Keep up the good work, hope this helped!

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    Thx for comment!

    Good point there... I do have a steadycam too, but I didn't think too much about making a walkthrough from room to room. Maybe I'll try in another video, if it works out well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjJuvan View Post
    Thx for comment!

    Good point there... I do have a steadycam too, but I didn't think too much about making a walkthrough from room to room. Maybe I'll try in another video, if it works out well.
    Glad this helped!
    Steadicams are ultra cool, I would use it for walkthroughs but remember not to over use it! it can give the viewer a bit of dizzy feeling!
    I can suggest filming with it slowly - to get best smooth results - then you can always speed it up in post production, or maybe just speed up in the corridors and slow down at the points of interest.

    Play around with your own ideas, find out what works and what doesn't.
    This will help you latter on.

    Thank you! Good luck!

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    Hey DjJuvan,

    I loved the videos you shot...good choice of lenses and locations.

    Just wondering whereabouts you are located as I am working on short movie project here in the UK and am looking for a cinematographer to help bring my vision to the screen



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    @hswami, tnx!

    If you want me for cinematographer, you'll need to buy me an airplane ticket to UK xD I'm from Slovenia. Many times I wonder, what the hell am I doing here, where videography has no future ^^'

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    I would have opened with the exterior shot then do the interior. When shooting with a wide lens as in shot starting at 0:24 it's a bit to straight on and makes the walls look funny as you are moving the camera. I think positioning the camera more in a corner of the room may look better like the shot you did at 1:05, even then the lens is a little wide for my taste but a real estate man would probably love it. I guess when you have narrow rooms it's a bit of a problem.

    All in all I think you did a good job.

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