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    Default Capturing audio

    I have just purchased a Sony DC-PC105. I have taken some footage with it and tried to put it onto a CD-R using the ImageMixer software that came with the camcorder. The picture goes across (even though it looks a little blocky) but there is no audio with it, just the picture. I have used the USB connection to do this.

    I asked a guy who works in my local Sony Centre and he suggested using a firewre cable. I plugged this into my PC and the camcorder and all I get is a message stating: Camcorder not found.

    I have a copy of Pinnacle Studio 8. I tried using this. I have both the USB and Firewire cables connected, but again on playback there is no sound. I’m not sure if the firewire connection has worked or if it just the USB one that is working.

    Should USB carry sound as well as picture?
    Is there any setting I need to change in either program to enable the sound?

    I would prefer a solution to the Pinnacle software as this is a better piece of software. Someone I work with has recommended I buy Pinnacle Studio Moviebox DV as the hardware that comes with it will do the trick. However it is £150 and I already have a copy of the software that comes with it.

    Should connecting a firewire cable from my camcorder to the PC allow me to transfer all picture and sound?

    Do you know what option I need to select in the settings to transfer sound?

    I am completely new to all of this camcorder/editing experience but it is something I have wanted to do for some time now. I generally know my way around PCs and software, and my PC is only 6 months old and is a good spec, so there shouldn’t be any hardware issue with it.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

    Kind regards.

    Carl Barrett

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    If you're a newbie to video editing, take a look around the guides on my site at - it may answer a few questions.

    Spefically, the firewire connection is the best way to go and WILL transfer both audio and video at improved quality. It would help if you posted your PC and software specs. Also, check out the FAQ on the software section.
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    I too have a TRV33 and have sucessfully transferred video and audio via USB. The delimiting factor is the operating system. Windows 98 cannot trnasfer audio via USB (using Image Mixer). From Windows Milennium Edition upwards you can.

    Not withstanding, Mark is quite correct if you want quality, go firewire.

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    what if your not using usb? what if your using S video? Then how do you capture audio>?

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    You have to use the line-in input on your soundcard/motherboard.
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    and how do i do that?

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    you run a cable from the audio outs (usually 2 phono sockets) of the camera to the line in (3.5mm mic jack) on your soundcard.

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