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    Default Video Preferences Settings

    Movie Studio 12 on Windows 7 64 bit PC i7/16GB RAM. Hi.....I could not see a clear answer to this by searching so maybe one of you experts can give some advice. I have just bought MS 12 ( previously using V 10) and a new PC so want to set up some settings like Dynamic RAM Preview and No of Threads for best performance. DRP says I have c 16GB max available. I am currently using 800MB for editing and lowering it to 100MB for rendering..........same as I did on my previous PC with only 4GB that optimum? The default setting for Rendering Threads was 16. I usually leave the PC alone when it is rendering so do not need to be running any other apps at the same time so is that best left at 16 or am I better reducing it? Thanks.

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    .....sorry forgot to add..........I saw a reference to Shift+B Build Dynamic RAM preview when I did a search, albeit the post was referring to Vegas Pro. I do not understand that! Is it relevant?

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    any advise please?

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    as you suspect, experimenting does seem to be the key here judging by the multitude of the posts on the subject.
    Btw, have you read the "Dynamic RAM Previews (Shift+B)" in MSP 12 Online Help?

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    OK.... I tried a render set at 100mb dynamic preview RAM and with 16 set as the number of threads.My PC is rendering 6 minutes of edited video plus mp3 track in 24 minutes using Main Concept vbr 2 pass so I reckon that will do!" It sounds counter intuitive but I have found a lower DRP setting improves the preview playback! Currently around 500MB is what I am playing with. At 800MB I have to set the Preview to best to get smooth video. If I let it do its own thing in auto it is not as good. So it seems there is an optimum and it changes depending on the PC set up.....but is not fully understandable. I have a Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card and I wonder if by reducing the DRP it forces the system to use the GPU RAM?? Anyway I will continue to experiment with that

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