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    Hobbyist musician and composer seeks project to create soundtrack for. Experienced, fully equipped. Competent in all musical styles but specialist in electronic music. I have had a few years away from music but I'd like to get back into it so if interested please drop me a line! Examples of work from 4-5 years ago.

    Eager to get started ASAP and would prefer commitment to a long-time/serious project.

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    Hi Shadowscape,

    Im new to video and a hobbyst too. Right now Im in a one year documentary course (in one nice cinema school here in BR) and, as expected, Ill have to produce a final project in exactly 276 days.... Im already "writing" a script for a short documentary (5 to 10 minutes) about a fishing trawler and its crew here in Brazil. The story is (was??) about a fishing comunity I know living in a very secluded area, but I recently decided to use one of its smaller groups (boat crews) as the main subject (and, IF possible, grow to a larger group after).

    Of course the budget is zero (pocket money to travel), the filming crew is reduced to me and my wife (if she buys the idea of living in a fishing boat and a tent for 10 days at a given moment for example etc etc!!! and everything is as solid as Jello.... If you can survive on good intentions, I sure hope to get to a very fine result and be able to run it into a few festivals etc...

    The music will be a very important part, of course. In my mind I have a few options... Local folk music sung by the comunity members, instrumental versions of the same local folk musics....and/or something more "epic", to set the mood a bit higher. A good example of what I mean you can find here: Check Divenire, Andare and Oltremare....

    Well, thats it..... This is my year project. Its absolutely in the beginning and Jello solid as I said..... If you want to get in the boat (almost literally!), drop me a note...

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