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    Default Togetherness - Short Drama

    Every relationship comes to an end. Our debut short drama for 2013 starring Kirstie Fixter and Stuart Alexander Rees. Written and Directed by Pete Middleton. Produced by Emma Ibbitson.


    Togetherness - Short Drama - YouTube

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    I like it a lot. Well done guys.

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    Hmmm.... I actually missed what had gone on the first time, then it dawned on me and I thought "good call". A clever idea, but for me there were two flaws.

    "I met a stranger called John" - if you're going off with someone (even if you're writing it pretending to be someone else) that seems a rather unlikely phrase to use.

    I'm also not comnvinced we get to see quite enough motive for his actions - or we don't see the reaction fo apotential murderer - we just see a guy more likely to simply walk away. But it's a delicate balance between giving the audience just enough and ramming it down their throats, so fair play.

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