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    Hi everyone,
    I'd like to share a short film about "beauty of life"

    Music: Max Richter & Dinah Washington

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    Nice work guys. Apart from a couple of flash cuts which I didn't think was fitting around 3:50 - 4:000 mins I thought this was great.

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    Hi Midnight Blue and thank you,
    actually guy... It's just me - one person
    I understand, maybe this flashes don't fit, but I really feel in that way. I have no clear feelings in my heart, always chaotic
    Greetings from Poland !

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    Good job! Can you share what equipment did you use for this? The shots and editing are really amazing.

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    Hi saltlakestudio,

    Thanks. If you click on Vimeo logo you can see on the Vimeo site description about this project. Everything is there
    it was just Canon 5d with couple of lenses. Nothing special.
    Best wishes...

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    Wow, I love this!
    Its feel very philosophical and made me stop and think.
    I love the footage, random but in this it seems relevant - to life and the bigger picture. Also with that beauty it could go with anything!

    Midnight Blue mentioned the flash cuts, these did get in the way a bit - But I like the reason you gave

    How long did it take to film all this?

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    Thank you JMG,

    I have quite huge library of footage which I gathered during more than 5 years.
    Editing took about 3 weeks

    Greetings from Poland

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    All good work!

    That 3 weeks and 5 years was time well spent!

    Greetings from London!

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    I hope so, even If it was ironically a difficult time...

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