Hi guys,
ok firstly I apologise for the reason for this post, yes the Harlem Shake. OK this morning my rugby club did one but the people videoing it messsed up.

Firstly he took it at the wrong frame per second think it was 80 he said so we are all slower then in normal time. Then he had to do it in 2 bits, first bit where we are all normal and bloke comes in and dances then after we have all got changed and do the 2nd part.

I have the 2 clips on my pc now but what about the slower frame rate, can we speed it up to a normal frame rate.

Then how can we stitch the 2 bits together and edit out parts and add the music on top.

Someone there did use an ipad to record it all but again will be in parts I think, how can I get a copy of that from his ipad to my pc to edit. Also it was a bit shaky, anything we can do?

Thanks for any help, was supposed to be simple but always 1 guy who messs up. Dont mind sending bit of paypal for a bottle of wine if anyone can help cheers.