I have just learnt something new on Vegas so thought I would share it................maybe all you guys already know and I am just thick!! I recently bought a Hero 3 Gopro camera which has loads of settings including 1080 at 50( 60) fps. Raw footage from the camera on this setting is absolutely stunning but I could not get a decent edited video from it. Well I found the answer ( in another forum). For 50fps footage the Project is still set at 25 fps and the render is still done at 25fps but all 50fps events have to be selected and switches changed to "disable resample". I was not doing this and as a result my edited video was nowhere near as clear and sharp as the original. Apparently the effect I was getting is called Ghosting...but I was just describing it as blurred. So for anyone that does not know.......any event on the timeline set a framerate that is different to the project framerate ( so includes slowmo as well) should be switched from smart resample to disable resample.