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    Red face Toy Story

    I'm hoping this video touches a nerve, difficult to make as it involved a 3 year old having to do a number of tasks to help tell the story. I know many will say where is the music but I have had a ton of trouble on youtube even with so called royalty free music via content ID fraud.

    Did I hit the mark or miss in telling this story of a toys life. Feedback is appreciated.

    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Nice one Leo. Some really funny moments in this. I think the only unreal part was how easy it was to open the packaging. These days you need an axe and a blow torch to open kids toys.

    It must have taken a while to produce this. My only criticism is the length is a bit too long but a great story of a toy.

    Where did you get all the the other Thomas toys from ?

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    Beautifully shot. You really manage to get a very vivid look to your footage. Your mastery of these shots of small models continues to improve. Some of them really stand out - eg 8:37 - the pan followed by the pull focus - really classy.

    But I'm afraid it didn't work for me as it stands. By 3 mins I realised I'd switched off and I started to fast-forward. The reason for this is simple - the voiceover. It's not the delivery, it's not the pitch and it's not the content - it's a combination of all these things. The pitch is funny to begin with, but it begins to grate as it is constant. You don't vary the pitch or the pace, you just rattle the words off without any pauses or peaks or troughs. Later in the film this improves dramatically - there are many instances where you do vary the pace and delivery and these parts are instantly more engaging.

    I'd also suggest you have a tendency (like me) to fill up every second with some sort of commentary. (Perhaps the lack of any music led you to feel it needed "something" audible) "Give the film space to breath" is one cliché that applies.

    There is also rather a lot of the commentary simply telling us what we can see for ourselves, this is another big turn off.

    I'd be inclined to go through the script again and ask whether each sentence/phrase is really necessary, whether it adds anything to the film. Reduce the amount of "fact" and increase the amount of "feeling" giving us more empathy with and therefore creating more interest in the character. If you do this, I think your voice will naturally rise and fall in volume, pitch and speed as you speak thus making it much more interesting and varied to listen to.

    As for the spaces - if music is an issue, you might want to record some foley or ambient sound. Or maybe even use some appropriate sound which is clearlt not shot on location (eg steam engine noises)

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    Thanks, I was aiming for a 8 min duration but needed the time to squeeze in the whole story, remember Disney Pixar have 90 mins to tell a Toy Story. For me it's been a long time since I have done a video like this, it seems simple but when your dealing with a 3 year old nothing is can't just say do that again. There was 90 mins of source footage used to pull out what you see.

    I am a collector of Thomas Tank toys, both licensed and knock off ones. Due to the variety of designs over the years it makes for a very interesting item to collect.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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