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Thread: Another 'Best Entry Level Pro Camcorder' Advice request with a Budget of 1K

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    Default Another 'Best Entry Level Pro Camcorder' Advice request with a Budget of 1K

    Hi Everyone,
    I'd like to buy a entry level professional camcorder to shoot product review videos with white infinite backgrounds and clear sound, preferably in HD. I have a budget of about 1000 excluding the sound equipment. I'll be shooting clothing on mannequins and some children's toys. Please advice.
    I will be editing on a mac and have access to both adobe and final cut products so my deal breaker will be manual white balance and audio connection facilities i guess.
    Any and all advice will be appreciated

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    A real entry level pro camera would start at around 5,000 so when you say pro I presume you me a camera that will give you good results.

    With your budget I would recommend a DSLR, a lav mic and a digital audio recorder. If you have any change get some lights.

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    I am biased because I shoot with a Sony VG10 and used ones are absolute bargains because the VG20 etc... have come out. If you buy body only and buy a Sigma 35mm lens, a used Manfrotto video tripod and a fluid head, it is a great little package.

    However, it would be cheaper to buy a 60D which frankly will give you all the capability you need. There is very little difference in quality between all the DSLRs in this price range. They are very much of a muchness but the 60D's price point and quality combination are excellent and I would defy anyone to know the difference between this and a more expensive DSLR. With the change, you will have plenty of money to buy a tripod, fluid head etc...

    Canon EOS 60D - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Buy CANON EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55 mm IS Zoom Lens | Free Delivery | Currys

    The only problem you will have is aliasing and moire. You will have this issue with any camera in any price range but the cheaper you go, the more you will encounter this. However, there are solutions.

    In addition, you will be buying Canon lenses so when you want to upgrade in the future, you can sell the body and replace it with a better body but keep the lenses you will have bought.
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