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Thread: Video Idea, guidance on editing needed

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    Question Video Idea, guidance on editing needed

    Hi there. Hopefully I've got the right forum for this kind of question!

    I am soon going to be working on a music video idea which will feature frames within frames. This may not sound too clear so here is an example of what I am talking about. This was a really quick little test just to see if the green screen on the TV would work fine.

    Untitled - YouTube

    The video will feature quite a lot on this idea of linking frames within frames. My question really relates to doing this with a nice panning shot. How would I be able to recreate this when the perspective on the tv would be changing. My immediate thought is that it would have to be done on a frame by frame basis with constant realignment with the image on tv with the frame of the tv itself. What would be the best program for doing something like this. Currently I am using Vegas Pro 11 if it is possible to do this on it?

    Another video I came across with a similar idea to mine is this:

    Interactieve Televisie van XS4ALL - YouTube

    I think I would quite like to replicate something like this but to me it seems like a highly advanced editor created this. Am I completely wrong about this and there is a nice simple way to do it or am I in way over my head?

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    Ideally, the software would examine the scene, and track the movements of each corner of the TV screen. As required, it would distort the overly by applying these tracking details to the corners of the overlay.
    I believe it can be done with Adobe's 'After Effects' (but the cost may be prohibitive). CS6 includes an astonishing option to track a camera's movements. Alternatively, earlier versions can be used to track 4 points in the scene (i.e. the corners of the TV screen). Then, distort the overlay using a "Corner Pin" Effect, using an Expression to link to the tracking data. I suspect there are some YouTube test clips. And perhaps some demos being done using other software.

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    If I were to guess (and this is a bit of guesswork), I don't think you need anything advanced. You've got me thinking how to do it with FCP 7 and it is just a combination of effects. Keyframing and shrinking the picture at the same speed as its surrounding frame is how I would do it. Plus I'd add a little camera movement in post.

    To give you an idea what I am talking about, I'd look at 1:22 on the last interview I shot - -it isn't exactly what you want because it's not in a specific frame. However, the overall effect is how I'd do it in FCP7.

    It looks like a drag to get it right all the time and probably AE would do it better but you could do it in FCP7. If you can do it in FCP7, you can do it in Premier or Avid. The one proviso is I couldn't do the scene where the individual is walking away downstairs with the iPad - that would require AE.

    I'm going to try it so watch this space.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeek View Post
    Currently I am using Vegas Pro 11 if it is possible to do this on it?
    Yes. You'd do it using the Sony Deform FX and keyframing. As suggested elsewher this can be quite tedious if there are lots of keyframes to take into account and motion tracking in After Effects or in HitFilm (now part of the Sony Vegas Suite) would save oodles of time.

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