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Thread: How to stretch Text? Vegas

  1. Default How to stretch Text? Vegas

    I want to stretch some text. I cannot figure out how.

    In other words, grab selected text and pull it up stretching the height but leaving the width the same.

    Seems like a simple task but it escapes me.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Sony Vegas pro11

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    You don't say which of the several Text plug-ins you are using, but the following will work for all.

    Simply drop a "Sony Deform" video FX onto the text event and do the stretching in that (Squeeze top and bottom)

    And /Or

    Use Pan and Crop (turn off Mintain Aspect Ratio and keep "stretch to fill frame"

    Or (least preferential) use Track motion (turn off "lock Aspect Ratio")

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    do you have NB Titler Pro 11 (working) with your Vegas pro 11?
    Try Attributes > Object > Scale Y.
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    Deform worked for me. Thanks

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