I thought this may be of use to someone, most especially Gopro users who are offered a huge range of camera resolutions..........great but how to edit and render!! Gopro Hero 3 black editions offer resolutions from SD through 720, 960, 1080, 1440, 2.7k and 4k. Most resolutions can be set to wide, medium and narrow fields of view and ( up to 1080) use a range of framespeeds such as 24, 48,50,100 ( PAL) and 240 for SD. So using a variety of these settings could present a nightmare to edit. I use a combination of Gopro Cineform Studio and Movie Studio 12 and between them a project can be created using any and all of these settings mixed in in one finished video. Firstly, I import to Cineform Studio. I convert all footage to 1920x1080, 16:9 format. Framespeeds are left as original unless I want slowmo on some clips ( e.g. 960 @100fps...changed to 10fps). By doing this 4:3 formats like 960 and 1440 are changed to 16:9 and Cineform editing enables the resulting distortion to be fixed using a horizontal dynamic adjustment. 2.7k clips are also zoomed as required in Cineform ( the resolution enables huge amounts of zoom). Some grading can be done to resolve slight differences across the clips caused by the way each resolution uses the sensor. all of these clips are then converted to Cineform AVI and those clips imported to MS12 within a project set to match the cinefrom clip format with the longest duration overall. Editing is super smooth and once complete further grading can be done in Cineform...that meta data immediately updating the clips on the timeline. I render to a modified Main concept HD 1080 template. So the end video can contain stationary footage using 2.7k zoomed as required, some 960@100 slowmo clips taken down to 10fps, 1080@50 fps action footage, 1440 @25 body mounted action footage. Protune is also available on many of the settings which gives another opportunity for more professional grading but I have not got into that yet! Hats off to MS12 on this!