Hi guys,

I just bought a MBPr for a month trip to South Africa. I need to bring at least one work project with me, total size (events+projects) already about 700 GB.
So I need an external HDD and I want it to be USB powered. I will also be shooting and editing there so I figured I need more than 1 TB.

My options: costs

Two Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro 1 TB 2x 85 euro

A WD My passport 2 TB 150 euro

G-Tech 1 TB mini portable drive 2x 120 euro

The WD does not have 7200 rpm so I figure I should drop this one?

I am not sure if the hitachi has USAP? wich I picked up from other forums is neccesary/good for editing.

In that case I should go for the G-Tech, wich will cost me about 70 euro more.

What do you think?