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Thread: Video I made for UO Journalism school with students

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    Default Video I made for UO Journalism school with students

    Shot with Canon DSLR's

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    Looked good to me.

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    Hmm yuck, how much cliche nonsense can you say in 3 minutes? My ears went into shutdown from bullshit overload. And the narration was strange to say the least, distracting.

    I'm also interested in the keyboard press at 0.52 of caps lock + shift, is that some secret shortcut, or was it the visual keeping in harmony with the script?

    I'm sure you did everything by the book and did it well, but for me - a turn off.

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    You old cynic, Stripe! And I agree with you entirely.

    The images were, in the main, pretty good - I particularly liked the half-lit dance shots.

    But boy does it need a totally different script!

    Have you ever tried researching for buying a new car? All the brochures and websites are full of crap about lifestyle aspirations - that's what they're selling you. Not a car.

    This is similar. What does the university/college offer? What courses? What facilities? Are there halls of residence? Where the **** is it?

    This video tells us absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    What I find really concerning is that ONE CLUE we got was a shot of a computer screen showing "School of Journalism and Communication" (and the OP mentions journalism in the post at the top of this thread).

    Heaven help us if this is what is considered journalism and communication. This is neither reporting of facts or communicating information.

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