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Thread: 1080 at 50fps render settings: Advice please.

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    Default 1080 at 50fps render settings: Advice please.

    Source video: Gopro 1080 @50fps ( h264/aac encoded): Intermediate video: Gopro Cineform Studio (original settings retained) Editor: Movie Studio 12 : PC Intel i7 3770 16 GB ram Nvidia Geforce GTX 660. I have spent time searching around this forum and identified some clues but not sure I have found an answer so would be grateful if someone could give me some advice on the following please. I am using a Gopro Hero 3 action camera and can successfully render good quality footage on most of the camera settings including 2.7k but I am having problems with 50fps footage. In this case 1080 @50fps. My rendered video has none of the crispness and lack of blur of the original footage. It is not bad but if for example I freeze frame the playback it is quite difficult to find a really crisp frame. My workflow is to import the camera footage into Gopro Cineform Studio, retain the settings and transcode to Cineform AVI. That is imported to Movie Studio and the project settings set using match media to that clip. MS12 does not suggest a matching render so I have tried Mainconcept HD1080 with the template only modified to replace VBR with CBR set at 20MB ( Hero 3 uses variable bit rate up to 45MB/sec and it is "guessed" that the average for 1080@50 is 20 to 25MB/sec). I choose my renders for playback as a file on my PC ....then use that file for upload to You Tube and conversion to Bluray for TV viewing via a USB port on my Blu ray player.

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    I had same problem recently, original footage avchd at 50p, if I overdo the effects, the wmv output lacks the quality of effect and even turns cookie cutter shapes from oval to circle!

    I tried output as mp4 and all was ok

    I wonder if it is going wrong for you with that AVI transcode? Do you have another option there?

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    Halving the frame rate is not a reason to half the bit rate. It doesn't work like that. The frame rate as you know is the number of separate images recorded per second. The bit rate is the amount of detail or information each separate image will have. So no matter how fast or slow the frame rate the bit rate needs to be high for a better image quality. It's ok to lower the bit rate to get a smaller file size but lowering the bit rate is one of the biggest thing you can do to lowering the image quality. It's a fine balance which needs testing and practise to get right.

    The other issue you are having is that you are rendering into a more compressed format. This again can reduce image quality.

    If I'm wrong about this I'll be delighted.

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    Whether I deal with the 50fps footage direct into MS or transcode first seems to make no difference to the outcome except for a slight softening of the colours with the transcode method ( easily corrected). I have tried higher bit rates than 20mbps without a huge improvement but with a significant increase in resulting file size! Why oh why does MS not have a template with 50fps.....even You tube will upload a 50fps clip now! What I have not tried is using the same template but running it a double pal ( 50fps) ....What do you reckon? huge file?

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    I don't know, I've never rendered a file out at 50fps I didn't even know YouTube could accept 50fps footage now. I suppose it's worth a try.

    Have you tried rendering to mpeg2, I found this to be a better format than mpeg4 with some footage.

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    Default 50fps render

    Hi....I tried mpeg 2 progressive and the results were about the same......I kept the render at 25fps...It does provide the option for 50 fps so I guess I could try that, meanwhile it seems what I am getting is about the best I can get. Just a shame it is not as good as the raw footage. Thanks for your suggestions.

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    Just had a play with the XDCAM templates. I used 1280/720 @50fps..............result perfect!! It does create quite a big file though......I will maybe adjust the bit rate to see what effect that has on quality v file size. The resultant video can be freeze framed wherever you want and you get a clear frame. Unfortunately you cannot do automatically reduces the framerate to 25fps if you change to 1080 in the template. The file format is mp4 so I am hoping You tube can deal with it...another test to do. I mixed 2.7k @25, 1440 @25, 1080 @60 and 960 @100 slowed to 10fps all on the same timeline for render using the XDcam template. Results were good. ( all clips converted to Cineform avi first). VLC can play the movie player cannot.

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    I found the answer to my problem!! There is a new Thread called "Resample" but just to close this thread off...............the answer is Edit in 25 fps and render in 25fps.........this gives you a choice of the mainstream Mainconcept or Sony AVC render templates............AND ensure all 50fps clips on the timeline are set to "disable resample" was as easy as that!!

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