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Thread: A composer for a film?

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    Default A composer for a film?


    I am currently in the process of filming a movie called "Licence to Smell" (trailer: which is a spoof of James Bond.

    Anyway, more to the point, I am looking to get this film scored when it is finished, but it is an extremely low budget film, and i cannot afford to pay. All that i can do is put a credit at the end of the film and on my website. So basically, i am looking for an amateur who does this kind of thing for fun. It won't have any pressure or strict deadlines, and it shouldn't end up being any longer than 20 minutes.

    So if you are interested, then please e-mail me at, or reply in this thread.

    Seymore - StudioX Productions

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    You could try advertising under the jobs section of Mandy
    Or looking for some already composed royalty free music
    Good luck

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    Check out this thread
    Our Mr Cushman produces excellent work and offers it all for free. Maybe he would be interested in helping you.

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    Hey nice trailer..Music from C&C Generals there

    Some nice work using blue/green screens. Special effects look good for amature work. I am interested in seeing the final cut.

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