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Thread: Video FX to minimize quality loss when zooming (event pan/crop)

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    I edited an interview in Vegas, being the original footage and the rendered project as 720p. Sometimes, I used zoom (event pan/crop) to framing closer the interview head. It is noticeable that when zooming there are quality loss and degradation of the footage. Is there any Video FX in Vegas that could minimize such quality loss?


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    I don't think so. When you zoom in with the pan/crop you loose resolution and there isn't really anything you can do about it. I've tried smoothing out with a soft focus and sharpening and nothing really works.

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    There is sftware that tries to zoom in still images and interpolate the pixels betwee. You could experiment with exporting as a jpg sequence and using that. But my experience of such software has been underwhelming.

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    Thanks everybody for answering!
    Considering future projects, I would appreciate a further discussion. Let's say my original footage is 1080p.
    If my project is set to 720p and I zoom (pan/crop) slightly, would I have some margin to do that without quality loss?
    I mean, since the original 1080p footage has a bigger resolution than my 720p project, so I wouldn't be facing the same situation as now (original footage and project 720p = quality loss / original footage 1080p and project 720p = slight zoom won't affect image quality).

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    Give the SONY "Sharpen" Fx a go. Depending on how blurred it looks, just a small addition can do wonders.


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    I'd go with that theory Cadu, I hope so because I'm relying on it.
    Unfortunately, resolution is a strange animal and I get the feeling our theory is about to be poo-pood

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    Following on from Grazie's comment, you might also like to try Sony Unsharp Mask set to Medium (the confusing name is a legacy from Black and White printing when the attachment of an unsharp negative tp the original would sometimes sharpen things up) or, for a more dramatic and sometimes unworkable result ,Sony Convolution Kernel set to Sharpen.


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    How much you can zoom and retain quality mostly depends on the resolution of the original video clip. Use 2.7 K and you zoom for ever ( nearly)! I accept you may not have that option though so it is a matter of getting the best you can from what you have ...which sounds like 1080. It also depends what camera you were using. It might be set at 1080 but what bit rate is being used...this can often be altered by selecting a quality setting in the camera ( albeit it does not tell you what bit rate). Lighting can also have an impact. If the lighting is poor....well your original resolution is poor. You cannot really put back what was never there in the first place .

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