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    hi, Hi, just bought a new laptop with 64 bit windows 8, but can`t get it to recognise my sony handycam dv DCR-HC24E, tried the original cd-rom and updated the picture package software from sony but still nothing, i haven`t got a firewire connection on the laptop, so connecting with usb, also there is no PCMCIA slot, would be grateful for any help or advice,
    ps, i do realise the quality with usb connection is not as good as firewire, but have considered buying capture leads and trying rca connection from camera to usb on laptop.

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    I took a look at the manual for this camera, It says to look at the "first step guide" which is on the CD Rom that came with the camera. It really isn't ideal to do this through a USB link as you are aware. You can get USB to Firewire connectors which might help you with your issue.

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