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Thread: Burnt highlights high contrast/bright once uploaded to youtube ???

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    Default Burnt highlights high contrast/bright once uploaded to youtube ???

    So i have been uploading to YouTube for a long time, I've always noticed a slight difference in the brightness/contrast between the video preview on Sony Vegas and how it looks once uploaded to YouTube.

    I shot my latest video with a high white balance to achieve a specific look, and while its completely watchable both on the camera and once imported into Vegas, once i uploaded it to YouTube, the video is ruined, with all detail being lost in burnt out highlights . I have noticed that the difference is also noticeable between VLC media player and Windows media player.

    Here is a screen shot, it shows the same unedited MOV file, being played by both VLC and Windows media player.

    A is how my video looks on my camera itself, VLC and Sony Vegas.
    B is how the video looks on windows media player, and on YouTube.

    As you can see B has completely burnt out highlights.
    This is obviously a big problem as what I'm using to edit and view footage shows a completely different image to how it will be displayed on YouTube.

    Any advice about this would be appreciated, thanks.

    Extra info:
    I use vegas 10, and use a Rebel t3i, shooting in 1080p 24fps pal.

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    Seems you got a satisfactory explanation ("YouTube compression/recoding") to your problem elsewhere.

    See also some threads like these recent ones
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