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Thread: have a clip fade out, except for a shape.

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    Default have a clip fade out, except for a shape.

    so, i'd like to have my video clip fade out, except for one area that's a specific shape, like a logo or symbol. this shape i can have in vector format or png, or whatever else if that makes it easier.

    I researched track mattes, and i tried shape layers, changing from alpha silhouette, and inverted and all that, but i couldn't find a way to get what i wanted.

    i'm starting to think that the only thing i could do, would be to have 2 of the same layer, one with that shape masked out, and then just fade out the other one, leaving the masked out one.

    this is probably what i'm gonna do, but it seems like... idk, wrong, like there should be some easier way to do it.

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    What editing program are you using to do this? Is the logo in the actual video footage? If you can get the png of the logo, why not import that, overlay it on top of your video footage. Then, transition the video out and leave the logo. Seems pretty simple to me?

    Trigger Happy Monday - YouTube Look at this video I made, specifically at 2:57. I took a png, overlay it on the footage. Now, i could have faded the video out and kept the logo as they are on separate "layers."

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    It sounds like you are over thinking this. Just have a .png of the logo with a transparent background on a track above the video. Then fade the video out and the logo will stay.

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    I think he's saying the logo is in the original film.

    If so, my plan would be to snapshot the frame, edit it to isolate the logo, and save as a transparent, then do what Midnight says.

    Would probably help to keep the edited picture dimensions consistent with the original footage.
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    sorry, i guess i wasn't clear (no pun intended). i want the video footage to fade out, except for a part of it, which is in the shape of a logo that i made in illustrator. so the whole clip fades, except for the logo shape, so the logo is clip coloured, or like transparent. like if the logo was a mask. originally i was wondering if i could just get a mask to fade in the right way, but i couldn't get the effect i wanted.

    what i ended up doing is copy pasting the clip on a new layer. have that layer masked by the logo, so that inside the logo is the part you can see, and then faded out the original clip on the layer underneath it. this makes it look like the whole clip fades away, except for the shape of the logo.

    then, i made a shape layer of the same logo on top, that fades in, so that the logo fades in on top of masked area afterwards, into a white colour. that way it sort of "solidifies" into a white color, and then that fades out to black, and that's how the video ends.

    all the logo treatments were illustrator paths i copy pasted into after effects.
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    I know how to do this in Sony Vegas so I'm sure it's a similar method in Premiere.
    Place the logo. White on black background on a track above the video where you want the fade to start.
    Change the compositing mode on the logo track to multiply mask.
    Put a "fade in" on the logo.
    This will cause the logo to show the video under the white logo and the rest of the screen will be black.

    Is this what you want.

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    ya, it is, i wanted it to fade to that point, and then once it does, for the shape to fade in, in white, again afterwards.

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    You would then have to have another version of the white logo on a track above the others and fade that in.

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