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Thread: Finally made a music video with the VG20

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    Default Finally made a music video with the VG20

    Finally got out to a venue and had a chance to test the VG20 in real life. This wasn't the band I went to video, but I left the cam running.

    Pleased with image quality, although my DOF choice messed my focus up, somehow I ended up on the drummer instead of the singer.

    Extra pleased with sound quality, live in the room this was cymbals going off in your ears type levels, I didn't think the inbuilt mic would cope, but it's done a fantastic job of input compression. There is no post editing of the soundtrack. This cam is criticised for no XLR input, but with this mic I no longer care - sound is a major issue with live events, often having to liaise with sound desks, mess with levels, then syncing. The quality of this mic is a Godsend.

    As usual, I've done my best to make this a music video rather than one static cam on a tripod filming a performance. The cam is giving me the resolution I need for that.

    Lessons learned -
    Raise tripod so you can actually see the guitars instead of peoples heads
    Get correct DOF so focus is sharp.
    Get the lighting guy to choose majority of white light so the band don't look jaundiced

    The band wanted more effects, so they got them, I had to try and make the video vibrant as it is for an entry into a competition for live band performance.

    I now feel I have the right cam for the job, that my efforts at editing can now be worthwhile instead of being let down by sound and vision quality (not counting user error lol) - for me, the VG20 is a winner.

    The Halls - Baron Samedi - Live - YouTube

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    It's not the best band live performance video I've ever seen but I think you did a good job considering you only had one camera to work with. I thought you made good use of the footage you had. The sound is surprising, not amazing but surprising considering it's from the on board mic.

    Well done.

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    not the most ideal conditions to work under :-( i found the heads too distracting, and they show up the compression badly ! dont know if thats from the cameras low level light capabilities or the upload to youtube?

    you need to be getting in there close to stage or even on it and get an audio mix from the desk. maybe the band can provide you with an audio mix from the desk??. its probably in their best interest if this is to be entered into a band completion.
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    I think for the brief and given you only had one camera it's fine. There are plenty of shots showing the whole band and because t's a fairly small stage at least they look like they're playing together (wide shots showing the whole band at large venues often lok to me like the musos are in different countries). But somehow you manage to edit in close-ups of the individuals as well. You know the faults.
    Interesting mixture of Suzi Quatro and Roger Whittaker, and I think the last time I heard a whistling solo was on Paul Simon's "Me & Julio Down by the School Yard".
    Not sure the singer would be particularly happy that you cut in just before she hitches her pants up!

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    I rather never do live concerts on tripod, specialy if I don't have more cameras to shoot with. I made this video a year ago and mixed it in editor... I didn't shoot the whole concert, but I shoot alot of B-rools and mixed it with clean single and on shoot with sound from live clapping croud in the end.
    Orochi - Live - Slovenia - 15.04.2011 - YouTube
    Oh, and it was recorded with Sony Z1.

    If I had a chance to shoot on two cameras, one would be as high as possible and had the view on whole stage, with the other I would stil go around and shoot B-rools from hand (having the camera on record all the time for easier editing). With such setup I could then get good live performance music video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DjJuvan View Post
    I made this video a year ago and mixed it in editor...
    A very nice looking video, some great live footage. But it's not a live music video in the sense that Stripes video HAD to be (he says it was for entry into a competition of liveband performance). It does not show the band playing the song that we hear at the the time we hear it. This is a whole different ball game to creating a montage of live action shots over a pre recorded soundtrack.

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    Hmmmm, I would then make a different approach. They probably didn't play only one song? The song for entry should be shoot a bit higher, with no zooming and panning. Fixed. Then, when they play other songs I would go closer with camera and make different details, zooms and other B-roll shots. When you'll put together, you just have to watch out for right moment of playing (if the song did the drum, you should put in the drummer, when the quitar plays, you just throw over a detail of fingers on quitar, and so on...). It'll be then a good live stage with highest possible production.

    Or just borrow another camera for such occasions.

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