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Thread: Improve Video Quality using these settings?

  1. Default Improve Video Quality using these settings?

    We are producing content that needs to be sent to the end user in a specific format, but the quality when it is being played back seems to be quite poor, i just wondered if there is anything i can do at this end to improve it, or is there not really anything can be done to these settings ?

    The settings i was given are ....

    File Format : DV25 DVPAL 8 Bits

    Broadcast Server Type: Omnéon

    Vidéo : 25 Mbit/s

    Color : 4 :2 :0

    Picture Size : 720 x 576

    Aspect ratio : 16/9 anamorphic

    Audio : PCM WAV 16 bits - 48Khz

    Audio Level : - 18 dBFs PPMà -9 TruePeak=-4

    Audio Loudness : No

    File Name Structure :

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    I don't see what you can do about it if you have been told you have to use these settings in this format. The ultimate way of ensuring good quality is to have great original footage to work from.

    The only suggestion I can think of is to look at the result and see the specific problem then over compensate in the edit and see what result you get. For example if the final render looks soft, try over doing the sharpening a little to see if it improves it. I don't know if that will work, it's just the best I can come up with off top of my head.

    You haven't said what your original footage is or what software you are working with.

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    The software is just Videostudio X4 Pro, nothing special, and the original footage is SD footage from HDV Cameras ike the Z5 / FX1 etc

    The problem we are getting is that the video quality looks poor, and the frame rate looks poor on fast moving shots

    We have the footage online on Youtube, and save that as MP4 and it looks great, even on full screen on there, so it isnt the original footage

    I admit i know very little when it comes to various formats, so i wasnt sure if i could just tweek a few things to make it better, but maybe i cant. maybe i will have to investigate if they can change their settings to anything better

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    I'm creating a music video using Corel Video Studio pro X4 and when I play it on the story board everything matches to the music. When I render the movie several places go off the beat. I've disconnected myself from the internet and disabled my antivirus software to stop any background chatter but it still messes up. Has anyone had this issue? How can I fix this? Do I need to find better software? I have a deadline and wasted several weeks on this. Thanks for any advice


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    Have you tried rendering to a different format to see if the problem still occurs.

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    Hello weynegoldring..
    May be it format problems. you must run your video in diffrent formats. may be it will work.

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