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Thread: I find this amazing

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    Default I find this amazing

    This is probably old news to many, but check this out
    Surprisingly few people visible (notvthat I've looked at very much of it)

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    Yes, it's very impressive. I haven't seen it before.

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    What a beautiful city! London is really interesting in all aspects. This viewer is fantastic! Did you try 90 degrees down and spin??

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    That's just is taking us in so many amazing directions. I am always on google maps with the street view up checking out places...

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    That was a fun spent 5 minutes ......... amazing

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    I never been to london( I am from the U.S Chicago, IL ) but I have to say what a site to see my friends. Incredible attention to detail. I can see a couple holding hands just walking the street from a far distance.

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